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Welcome to the SC2 AI Wiki! This is not an official Blizzard Wiki.

Getting started

To get started with bot development, the following resources might be helpful:

.NET Core
  • Abathur - Early version of a modular framework for .NET Core written in C#
  • NydusNetwork - StarCraft II Client API for .NET Core written in C#
  • Example bots:
    - AbathurBot - Clone n' Play repository for launching the Abathur framework.
  • ExampleBot - A blank example bot written in C#, ready to play on the ladder.
  • Ocraft S2Client - Multi-threaded and non-blocking Starcraft 2 API client with fluent and reactive interface.
  • Example bots:
    - Guide on how to set up a bot with Ocraft (still work in progress!)
  • cljsc2 lets you use the StarCraft II AI API from Clojure.
Other resources



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You can always add descriptions of new bots or tournaments, if you know some that are not listed here yet.


Please help growing this Wiki by adding your own bot!

Bot Author
4raxBot ZergIcon.png ImpulseCloud (Michael Holtan)
5minBot TerranIcon.png Archiatrus
BlinkerBot ProtossIcon.png IarfMoose
BotWithAPlan ProtossIcon.png Cephei (Daniel deLamare)
ByunJR TerranIcon.png Ian Gallacher (TheDoctor)
CCZergBot ZergIcon.png Cryptious
CannonLover ProtossIcon.png Hannessa
CreepyBot ZergIcon.png BurnySc2
CryptBot ProtossIcon.png Cryptious
HjaxAI ZergIcon.png Hjax
M1ndb0t ProtossIcon.png M1ndgames
MicroMachine TerranIcon.png BlindMidget (Raphael Royer-Rivard)
MozzarellaBot ZergIcon.png Pikachu
NaughtyBot TerranIcon.png NikEy
Tyr ProtossIcon.png Simon Prins
YoBot ZergIcon.png YannTM

Tournaments & Ladders

  • StarcraftGym Provides leaderboards of minigame learning agents


Development Livestreams

You can subscribe to the following channels and get notified when an AI developer goes live:

Conferences / Research whitepapers


Random / Culture

Fun stuff about Starcraft and Deep Learning / AI:

Further Links