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Here are the steps to add your bot to the wiki. (Copy, Create, Paste, Change)

1) COPY wiki code from another bot --

2) After copying the wiki code, change the 'bot name' in the URL to '/edit/YOURBOTNAME' and press Enter on your keyboard to CREATE a new wiki page.

3) This opens a new page. PASTE in the code from other bot, then change the AUTHOR, BASED_ON variables in the list and change the 'description' at the very bottom of the code to refer to your bot.

4) SAVE - click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom.

5) Wait 10 minutes or so for the Main_Page macro to include your bot in its auto-generated list.

Edit' the page, do a Copy of its html, then go to new URL to generate a new page ( and then 'Edit' and Paste it in and then change the variable values in it. The ListOfBots macro will auto-transclude it because it is of object type 'bot'. As long as your new page code has the 'Infobox bot' at the very top, then you did it right.

Ask in Discord 'wiki' channel if you have any other questions. Thanks!