EX1A-AL July Season 1

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We are proud to announce that TitanEX1 will be producing a new breed of StarCraft II AI leagues.

The inaugural league will be named the TitanEX1 Author-AI League (EX1A-AL) and will start with the July season of 2020.

EX1A-AL July Season 1 will be held online from 1st - 31st July, produced by TitanEX1 Co., Ltd. an AI company based in Seoul, South Korea.

The company visions safeguard and facilitate:

  • human-machine co-existence
  • application of AI-learned behaviours on our everyday lives
  • mastery of Games with the use of AI teachers


  • All games will be played on patch 4.12.x

Tournament Format

  • Only one author-player per bot is permitted. Two authors can enter separately using one bot if need be.
  • In the case a bot author is Master-level and above, he will be allowed to pick any readily-downloadable bot to play as Archon.
  • Author-players will be seeded into 2 groups of 5, by respective bot ladder rank.
  • Once groups are determined, each participant will submit one replay done in (human-assisted Player1) real-time mode against every other bot in the group.
  • Player-bot "Archon" plays locally, against bots that is hosted on a server, but are downloaded to the player’s machine to be executed. For this the use of binary bots (compiled to exe) is preferred
  • Each author-player will be able to veto one map from the pool of 5.
  • Groups will be played in a round robin best-of-3 format and submitted replays streamed on https://afreecatv.com/titanex1 over the last week of the month.
  • Order goes as: Game1: Archon1 vs bot2, Game2: Archon2 vs bot1, Game3: bot1 vs bot2
  • The top 4 bots will play off in a best of 3 matches in the semi and grand finals. Another round of (one replay against each top 4 opponent) submission is needed. Each author may veto one map from the pool.
  • In essence, after qualification invites, there will be 4 archon games to be played by the player-author within 6 days allowance time, while for playoffs: 3 archon games within 4 days.
  • The tie-breaker of all best of 3s will be run in step-mode by organizer
  • Rankings in the group will be decided by:
  1. Overall wins in all matches
  2. Points score
  3. Tie breaker between tied bots
  • The top 2 bots from each group will play off in a best of 3 elimination bracket in the finals. Each Author may veto one map from the map pool, the veto can change from the group stage.

Prize Pool

  • 1st: $150
  • 2nd: $100
  • 3rd: $50

Prizes will be distributed in BTC denomination. Player-authors in the money will be contacted to provide a wallet address.

Map Pool

  • Nightshade LE
  • Eternal Empire LE
  • Ever Dream LE
  • Simulacrum LE
  • Zen LE

Public enquiries: email [1]