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Here is a list of community members, and some info about them:


  • Cryptious -- runs Ladder site, and the Discord server, dev of CryptBot and CCZergBot
  • TheDoctor -- wiki admin, and developer of ByunJR, a scripted proxy reaper bot

Bot Developers

  • Hjax -- SC2 GrandMaster, makes HjaxAI bot
  • Islam Elnabaraway -- Bot developer
  • Michael Park -- Does Deep Learning research for medical diagnostics during the day, and at night is am a dirty Protoss on the ladder. Is interested in making an agent capable of "thinking ahead"
  • Pikachu -- makes MozzarellaBot
  • ImpulseCloud (Michael_Holtan) -- making CloudBot, scripted Terran. Active Discord member and wiki contributor

Blizzard / Google DeepMind

  • Kevin Calderone -- SC2 API developer / Senior Software Engineer at Blizzard
  • rtsing -- Senior Game Producer at Blizzard
  • jrepp -- Principal Engineer at Blizzard
  • TechnoWizard -- Blizzard e-Sports Team
  • Oriol Vinyals -- Senior Research Scientist at DeepMind
  • Timo Ewalds -- Software Engineer at DeepMind, connecting SC2 for agents to play

Other Discord community members

  • inoryy -- Statistics student at University of Tartu. Passionate about AI/ML and all things related. Currently working on bachelor's thesis on RL agent for SC2.
  • keaneu Tan -- active Discord member, GSL liaison (in Korea), maintainer of StarCraftGym, retired SV & London tech entrepreneur.
  • Arachnya -- runs a startup working on a platform for collaborative autonomous robotics/agents
  • chris & Steven Brown -- providers of awesome PySC2 learning tutorials
  • pimmen -- data engineer in Sweden (storage, ETL, data analytics, in Java / Python). "I love Starcraft but I’m a shit player without the reflexes and the nerves and I’m mostly interested in the problem of abstracting the game state."
  • Pekka -- Data Scientist in Bangkok but from Finland. "I do reinforcement-learning and games as hobby projects. (In the future probably want to work with games AI)."
  • Mirith -- "Linguist at Apple, interested in SC2 and AI (like everyone here). Eventual goal is a competitive bot armed with trash-talking abilities."
  • Chace -- "grad student at BYU studying computer science. I'm working on my master's thesis right now, but as soon as it is done I am planning on using the SC2API for research in machine learning, algorithms, and computational creativity."
  • Patrik -- reverse engineerer by trade. "I'm interested in everything that can be automated."
  • Gateltab -- "Hi, I am pretty noob at everything I do."
  • Anomandris — “Principal Consultant in Data Center Services, Amateur Astronomer, elephant balancer, algae tamer, evolutionary blimp”
  • Haymourt -- "Master's student in Bioinformatics at NYU. Attempting to build a fully autonomous agent using the PySC2 wrapper."