Military Concepts

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Command and Control

Army Formations

  • Line, Column, Concave, Convex, Square, etc

Military Power Theory

  • "Loss of Strength Gradient" - (LSG) is a military concept that the amount of military power that can be brought to bear depends on geographic distance. The Loss of Strength Gradient demonstrates graphically that the farther away the target of aggression, the less strength could be made available. It also shows how this loss of strength can be ameliorated by forward positions.


  • Raiding, also known as "depredation", is a military tactic or operational warfare mission which has a specific purpose and is not normally intended to capture and hold terrain, but instead finish with the raiding force quickly retreating to a previous defended position prior to enemy forces being able to respond in a co-ordinated manner or formulate a counter-attack. The purposes of a raid may include:
    • to confuse/exhaust the enemy,
    • to ransack/pillage,
    • to destroy specific goods or installations of military or economic value,
    • to kill or capture specific key persons, or
    • to gather intelligence.
  • Trench-raiding - silent and quick attack that does minimal damage before retreating.
  • Chevauchee ("horse charge") - raiding to reduce the productivity of a region.


  • Parapet - a barrier at the edge of a raised-structure. In SC2, can consider this the edge of high-ground, that can shelter troops firing on lower-ground enemies without highground-sight.