Season 7 Tournament

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SC2AI Ladder Season 7 Tournament Will happen from From the 23rd March up until the final on 7th April.


  • Ladder will be frozen on 16th March at 23:59 UTC, and all standings will be final for this season
  • Top 12 eligible bots will go forward to the tournament
  • Only bots that have made their bot downloadable from the website and been active for at least 2 weeks before the end of the season will be eligible for the tournament
  • Only one bot per author will be eligible. In the case that an author has more than one qualifying bot, the author may choose which one to enter into the tournament
  • If a bot does not fulfill either of these requirements, the place will go to the next highest placed bot.
  • Authors may submit updates and bug fixes up to 22nd March at 23:59 UTC for the first round. This will be via a seperate upload from the main ladder, details of which will be communicated to authors after the ladder freeze
  • All bots must be submitted with full source code, this will be checked for plagiarism and other forms of cheating, but will not be released publicly unless requested by the author
  • Bots may change strategy from that used on the ladder, but must maintain the same race.
  • After the first round robin, each author will be given up until 23:59 UTC on 29th March to resubmit their bot for the second round robin and final. After this, no more updates will be allowed

Tournament Format[edit]

  • Bots will be separated into 2 groups of 6. Groups will be decided by draft, which will take place on 18th March at 21:30 UTC
  • Draft will proceed by seeding top 2 bots from the ladder into the first seed position of each group
  • Top seeded author will have first choice to put a bot in their opponents group. This will follow by the second seed choosing a bot for the opposite group
  • The author of Each chosen bot will then select another bot to go in the opposite group, until all bots are seeded
  • If an author is unavailable for the draft, he may submit possible picks in advance, or failing that, the next highest seeded bot will be selected.
  • Each author will be able to veto one map from the pool of 7, and must play one game on each other map during the group phase
  • Games will be played in a double round robin format and streamed over 2 weekends of 23rd / 24th March and 30th / 31st March. The final games will be streamed live from a venue in London on 7th April.
  • Some games may not be streamed due to time availibility, but all replays will be available immediately after the stream
  • Rankings in the group will be decided by:
  1. Overall wins in all matches
  2. Overall draws in all matches
  3. Wins vs tied opponent
  4. Tie breaker between tied bots
  • The top 2 bots from each group will play off in a best of 5 elimination bracket in the finals. Each Author may veto one map from the map pool, the veto can change from the group stage.

Chosen Groups[edit]

Group A[edit]

  1. VeTerran
  2. ThreeWayLover
  3. Tychus
  4. QBot
  5. Tyrr
  6. AdditionalPylons

Group B[edit]

  1. MicroMachine
  2. Kagamine
  3. Madbot
  4. Lambdanaut
  5. PerfectSplit
  6. SharpenedEdge


All qualifying authors will recieve prizes. There will be a financial prize of $500 to the eventual winners. On top of this, T-Shirts and other prizes to all authors. Prize winners will be:

  • Overall Placing ( 1st - 3rd )
    • 1st $250
    • 2nd $150
    • 3rd $100
  • Most innovative strategy
  • Best new bot
  • Most violent bot (most enemy kills)
  • Fastest winning bot
  • Most improved bot (From first week to 2nd)
  • Best ingame talk


Week 1 replays

Week 2 replays

SemiFinal replays

Final replays


PerfectSplit 0-3 Tychus

3rd Place Playoff

AdditionalPylons 3-0 MicroMachine


PerfectSplit 3-0 AdditionalPylons
Tychus 3-2 MicroMachine

Group A

Bot Wins Losses
Tychus 7 3
AdditionalPylons 7 3
Tyrr 6 4
Veterran 6 4
ThreeWayLover 4 6
QBot 0 10

Group B

Bot Wins Losses
PerfectSplit 9 1
MicroMachine 7 3
SharpenedEdge 5 5
Kagamine 4 6
MadBot 4 6
Lambdanaut 1 9
Bot1 Bot2
ThreeWayLover 1-0 QBot
VeTerran 0-1 AdditionalPylons
Tyrr 1-0 Tychus
QBot 0-1 AdditionalPylons
ThreeWayLover 1-0 Tyrr
VeTerran 1-0 Tychus
VeTerran 1-0 ThreeWayLover
Tyrr 1-0 QBot
AdditionalPylons 0-1 Tychus
AdditionalPylons 1-0 Tyrr
QBot 0-1 VeTerran
ThreeWayLover 0-1 Tychus
AdditionalPylons 1-0 ThreeWayLover
QBot 0-1 Tychus
Tyrr 1-0 VeTerran
Bot1 Bot2
Lambdanaut 0-1 MadBot
SharpenedEdge 0-1 PerfectSplit
MicroMachine 1-0 Kagamine
PerfectSplit 1-0 MicroMachine
MadBot 0-1 SharpenedEdge
Lambdanaut 0-1 Kagamine
MicroMachine 1-0 SharpenedEdge
PerfectSplit 1-0 Lambdanaut
MadBot 1-0 Kagamine
SharpenedEdge 0-1 Lambdanaut
MicroMachine 1-0 MadBot
PerfectSplit 1-0 Kagamine
MadBot 0-1 PerfectSplit
Lambdanaut 0-1 MicroMachine
SharpenedEdge 1-0 Kagamine
Bot1 Bot2
QBot 0-1 ThreeWayLover
AdditionalPylons 1-0 VeTerran
Tychus 1-0 Tyrr
AdditionalPylons 1-0 QBot
Tyrr 1-0 ThreeWayLover
Tychus 1-0 VeTerran
ThreeWayLover 0-1 VeTerran
QBot 0-1 Tyrr
Tychus 1-0 AdditionalPylons
Tyrr 1-0 AdditionalPylons
VeTerran 1-0 QBot
Tychus 0-1 ThreeWayLover
ThreeWayLover 0-1 AdditionalPylons
Tychus 1-0 QBot
VeTerran 1-0 Tyrr
Bot1 Bot2
MadBot 1-0 Lambdanaut
PerfectSplit 1-0 SharpenedEdge
Kagamine 0-1 MicroMachine
MicroMachine 0-1 PerfectSplit
SharpenedEdge 1-0 MadBot
Kagamine 1-0 Lambdanaut
SharpenedEdge 1-0 MicroMachine
Lambdanaut 0-1 PerfectSplit
Kagamine 1-0 MadBot
Lambdanaut 0-1 SharpenedEdge
MadBot 0-1 MicroMachine
Kagamine 0-1 PerfectSplit
PerfectSplit 0-1 MadBot
MicroMachine 1-0 Lambdanaut
Kagamine 1-0 SharpenedEdge