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[e][h]ProtossIcon.png BotWithAPlan
Bot Information
Cephei (Daniel deLamare)

A Goal Oriented Bot for Starcraft II

Works by the following process

   -Loads available goals and actions into categories (Econ, Army, Upgrades, etc.)
   -On every step calculates a score for each goal in each category and chooses the highest score in that category
   -Dependecies that are declared in the goals are checked to make sure all prerequites are met
   -If all dependecies are met, then uses an action to meet the goal. If not, then and action that fulfils a depenedency is used.
   -Specific unit micro logic is fired every frame independant of the goals chosen


   Better worker rush defense
   Better Proxy defense
   Other rush denfense
   Drop play
   Proxy play
   Finish 3/3/3 upgrades
   Add battle manager with unit clustering

PRs are welcome!