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[e][h]ProtossIcon.png CannonLover
Bot Information
Based on:

CannonLover is a Protoss bot that cannon rushes the natural expansion of the opponent, mainly to contain and hurt the enemy's economy.

After a few minutes (or from start on 4-player maps) it switches to a dedicated macro strategy, with aggressive expansions and a standard Protoss death ball (zealots, sentries, stalkers, observers and colossus/immortals).

It is coded in Python 3 using the python-sc2 framework, and the code is freely available on GitHub.

Main features

  • Early-game cannon rush logic.
  • Well-developed macro follow-up that can work on its own.
  • Army units compare nearby friendly vs enemy army size before taking an engagement (measured by health + shield). This greatly help armies take favorable engagemenets, and flee when taking heavy losses.
  • Remembers enemy units no longer in sight to better know when to engage, and to avoid dying on ramps.
  • Evasive blink stalker micro when stalkers are taking damage.
  • Counts number of enemy roaches/stalkers/marauders/vikings etc to decide if it should build immortals or colossus.

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