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The ladder format change will apply for the Author-AI league.  The encourages more competition towards the end of the season, and maintain a competitive nature through the whole season, with more community interaction on streams and other media.
The ladder format will apply for the Author-AI league.   
== Regular Season ==
== Regular Season ==
* Season will consist of 4 game weeks.
* Season will consist of 4 game weeks.
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* [[Ladder Maps]]
* [[Ladder Maps]]
== Scoring ==
* Bots no longer gain ELO points
* As a base value, each bot will receive 1 point for a win, or 0.5 for a draw, 0 for a loss
* There will also be a points multiplier based on how late we are in the season:
** Week 1: 1x
** Week 2: 2x
** Week 3: 3x
** Week 4: 4x
* So for example, a win in week 1 would give you 1 point, where as a win in week 3 will give you 3 points.  This is to encourage bots to enter at any stage of the season
* Points for bots will accumulate over each week.
== Debug Interface ==
== Debug Interface ==

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The ladder format will apply for the Author-AI league.

Regular Season[edit]

  • Season will consist of 4 game weeks.
  • In each week, each bot will play each other bot an indefinite number times.
  • Bots can enter or update at any time.
  • Bots which crash in more than 50% of their games in a single week will be disabled. Authors will be able to enable them again at any time
  • Ladder Maps

Debug Interface[edit]

Rules over the debug interface will be more strictly enforced. No use of the debug interface at all will be permitted, any bots using this will be asked to modify their bot before submitting again

Opponent ID and Name[edit]

Opponent ID usage will stay as last seasons. The API does now allow for bots to set their own name in the interface. Bots should not do this, any bot using this feature will be asked to remove it before submitting on ladder

Bots must try to win the game[edit]

Any bots that contain behaviour designed to prolong games without actively seeking to win the game via any strategy wil be asked to remove this feature and resubmit. This is mainly involving terrans who fly their buildings into a corner in order to get a draw. This needlessly prolongs games, when we're already desperate for more server time, so this strategy is no longer acceptable

Average time per step[edit]

Bots that take too long to process each step will be timed out and have a loss recorded. For a game to run in real time, bots must take less than 44.6ms to process each step. However, for the ladder we're prepared to allow bots up to an average of 60ms per step. This timeout will not be active for the first minute of the game, to allow for any initial bot setup. We will be looking closely at this to tune it if the need arises. You can view your bots average frame time here.

Map hacks and exploits[edit]

Bots that use hacks and exploits will be banned from the ladder. This includes the pathing bug, where querying the interface can reveal previously hidden enemy structures.