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The ladder format change will apply for the Author-AI league. The encourages more competition towards the end of the season, and maintain a competitive nature through the whole season, with more community interaction on streams and other media.

Regular Season

  • Season will consist of 4 game weeks.
  • In each week, each bot will play each other bot an indefinite number times.
  • Bots can enter or update at any time.
  • Bots which crash in more than 50% of their games in a single week will be disabled. Authors will be able to enable them again at any time
  • Ladder Maps


  • Bots no longer gain ELO points
  • As a base value, each bot will receive 1 point for a win, or 0.5 for a draw, 0 for a loss
  • There will also be a points multiplier based on how late we are in the season:
    • Week 1: 1x
    • Week 2: 2x
    • Week 3: 3x
    • Week 4: 4x
  • So for example, a win in week 1 would give you 1 point, where as a win in week 3 will give you 3 points. This is to encourage bots to enter at any stage of the season
  • Points for bots will accumulate over each week.