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== Mineral Gathering skills and tricks ==
== Mineral Gathering skills and tricks ==
===Considerations for worker mineral-gathering===
=====Pure Economy=====
=====Pure Economy=====

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Mineral Gathering skills and tricks

Pure Economy
  • Initial worker assignment to mineral patches on first-frame of game ("Worker Split")
  • Pairing workers on close-patches first
  • 7% increase using the explicit "Return Cargo" command ( Mineral Boost )
Harass response
  • Dealing with worker-scout harass
    • Send 2-3 workers to chase them away from mineral line
  • Dealing with early rush
    • Can load 5 SCVs into Command Center temporarily (if not OC) and release to mine as needed
    • Retreat other SCVs away from attacking units while a defense is mounted by any available military units
    • If spotted early enough, build bunker in middle of mineral line, with barracks closing off one side of mineral line, and supply depots on other side.

Mineral-gathering Minigames

(list mineral-gathering mini-games here)